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Tube Skimmers

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Benefits of Cleanawater tube skimmers

  • Provides an effective oil removal solution
  • Compact design for use in limited space
  • Low weight means easy transportation
  • Durable construction for long service life

A compact yet powerful solution

Our tube skimmers are compact. In fact, our smallest model, the TOS-08, can operate in a tank just 100cm x 100cm in size. This makes skimmers of this type perfect for where limited space is a consideration.

Minimal maintenance required

Designed for continuous use applications, our tube skimmers feature a simple construction which means that little supervision is required, and that maintenance costs and duties are kept to a minimum.

Easy to install and redeploy

Use your tube skimmer when and where it's needed, then easily shift it onto the next job. The lightweight design makes transportation hassle-free. Simply move and redeploy your skimmer as necessary.

Customise to suit your application

Because of the natural flotation of their tubes, our tube skimmers can be deployed in sumps and tanks where there is a varying water level. The tube itself can also be specified to any length required.

Product models

  • TOS-08
  • TOS-15
  • TOS-20
  • TOS-25

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Why choose Cleanawater?

Cleanawater leads the Australian market in water treatment system design, manufacture, installation and servicing.

As your one-stop water treatment provider, we're committed to supplying the right solution for your business. Our award-winning products are engineered for performance, economy and ease of use. That includes both custom-built and off-the-shelf units approved by all major water authorities.

Our comprehensive after-sales service includes support from experts in your area. So you can always speak to somebody who understands your local market.

We distribute across Australia with fast, efficient delivery for off-the-shelf systems. And we'll install, service and maintain your equipment on a schedule that suits you – ensuring minimal downtime.

It means superior results and outstanding value for your investment.

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