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Portable Wash Bays for Buses

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The costs associated with owning and running a wash bays can vary.

Benefits of Cleanawater portable wash bays for buses

  • Compliant with water authorities
  • Avoid potential fines and shutdowns
  • Custom made to exact specifications
  • Easily transportable across sites
  • Ability to be retrofitted
  • Plug-and-play systems options
  • No excavation or site modification required
  • Compatible with additional water treatment equipment
  • Flexible payment option so you can spread the cost

At Cleanawater, we create portable wash bays made specifically for buses. Options include plug-and-play models that are ready to install or custom solutions designed by experts and manufactured to meet the exact customer need.

Portable wash bays for buses are portable and easy to move around the site. They do not require excavation or site modifications, making them an affordable and flexible solution. This is good for growing businesses that may rearrange their site to accommodate growth.

Cleanawater portable wash bays for buses comply with local water authority standards thus protecting our customers from costly fines and shutdowns.

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Why choose Cleanawater?

Cleanawater leads the Australian market in water treatment system designmanufactureinstallation and servicing.

As your one-stop water treatment provider, we're committed to supplying the right solution for your business. Our award-winning products are engineered for performance, economy and ease of use. That includes both custom-built and off-the-shelf units approved by all major water authorities.

Our comprehensive after-sales service includes support from experts in your area. So you can always speak to somebody who understands your local market.

We distribute across Australia with fast, efficient delivery for off-the-shelf systems. And we'll install, service and maintain your equipment on a schedule that suits you – ensuring minimal downtime.

It means superior results and outstanding value for your investment.

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