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Water Treatment Consultancy

Water treatment consultancy services we provide

  • One-on-one consultations
  • On-site inspections
  • System costs and feasibility reports
  • Assistance with approval processes
  • 3D drawings and concepts
  • Engineering certificates
  • Process flow diagrams
  • Water quality sampling and testing

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Water treatment consultancy. What's involved?

Most clients that come to us at Cleanawater have a water treatment problem. In their consultation, we help them to find a solution.

Your water treatment consultants will start by discussing your situation with you. They'll ask about your processes and requirements. So they can advise on a system which matches your circumstances.

Common projects include treatment systems for oil and water separation, chemical dosing, quarantine, water quality testing, settlement removal, pH correction, de-watering and more.

Through your consultation, you will discover how to solve your water treatment problem promptly and with a minimum of downtime.

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Cleanawater's end-to-end process

Step 1

Designing the product plan

Cleanawater’s project engineers will visit your site, mark and assess the parameters. Specific requirements for your project will be accounted for during this phase.

Step 2

Creating 3D models

The team will create conceptual 3D models of the product. We’ll perform predictive flow and performance analysis tests before beginning the manufacturing phase.

Step 3

Manufacturing your system

We begin creating your wastewater treatment system, specifically designed for your mining application.

Step 4


We’ll install the system at your site. We’ll test all aspects of the product to make sure it performs, all without interrupting your operations.

We tailor your system to match your operation

Every operation's water treatment needs are different. That's why we tailor each system to suit the exact needs of each client.

We want to craft a solution that is ideal for your requirements, not someone else's. Our water treatment consultancy services help us to understand your situation and to create a system which matches.

Whether you're a small, medium or large operation, our water treatment consultants can create a system that is suitable for your requirements, situation and budget.

tailor system to operation

The trusted water treatment consultancy

Our water treatment consultants have been helping Australian business and industry to meet their waste water obligations since 1996.

During our 20 year history, we've built our reputation on reliable systems and expert advice and support. You might not think about water treatment and recycling every day, but, we do. It's our speciality.

Our water treatment consultancy professionals provide direct and clear cut information, specialist advice with proven case studies, and straightforward recommendations.

Additionally, our complete water treatment solutions are engineered to provide the very best performance and efficiencies at a price that all operations can achieve, big and small.

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