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Customised odour control strategies for landfills

Key odour challenges for the landfill industry

  • Landfills are prime generators of odorous gases
  • Odour sources in landfills are large and diffuse
  • Specific odour control strategies are required
  • EPA compliance requirements must be met
  • Residential areas are developing closer to landfills
  • Resident intolerance for odours is growing

Industry overview

The landfill industry presents unique challenges for odour control. Due to the large and diffuse nature of landfills, specific odour management options apply. The relevant approaches are large area atmospheric misting and vapour generation, as well as topical surface treatment in an overlaying 'blanket' over odorous materials.

These technologies not only aid in compliance with EPA enforced boundary odour limits but also reduce resident odour complaints. At Cleanawater, we also offer ongoing support services to keep your odours in check, including chemical supply and delivery, odour monitoring and telemetry, and installation.


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Cleanawater's industry solutions

One of the prime problems experienced by landfills is the need to meet the odour level restrictions enforced by the EPA.

With residential developments growing to meet greater demand for housing, odour complaints from residents are also becoming more common.

Cleanawater can help landfills be proactive in their response to these pressures by developing an odour management plan particularly suited to their needs. Usually, this would involve the application of surface treatments and atmospheric misting and vapour systems.

industry solutions

Our complete approach to odour management

Step 1

Solution Concept

Our experts will assess your site and develop an odour-reducing solution.

Step 2

Design & Engineering

We draw up your system ready to be custom-built.

Step 3


We'll assemble your custom system at your designated site.

Step 4


Our experts thoroughly test all systems to ensure they are ready for operation.

Step 5


We continually monitor and log system operations to ensure odour emissions remain at required levels.

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