Odour control systems come in a range of types

By Dale Strachan

Business Development Manager

18 April 2017

What are odour neutralisers?

Odour neutralisers are a variety of odour control devices and processes commonly used in Australia today. They utilise odour neutralising agents to eliminate odours either in the air or on surfaces. They can be portable or fixed, depending on the size of the system and the intended application.

Four of the most popular odour neutralisers include misting systems, portable misting systems, vapour systems, and surface treatment systems. Which will be appropriate for each operation will depend on a range of factors including the size of the problem area, location, and intended application.

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4. Surface treatments

Surface odour control (or surface treatments) involves applying an odour neutraliser concentrate to surfaces which create odours. The solution simply is sprayed onto odorous surfaces where it can penetrate and direct micronutrients to the source of the odour, thereby eliminating it.

Surface Tractor

Surface treatments are commonly used at:

  • Composting operations
  • Transfer stations
  • Wastewater treatment centres
  • Recycling plants
  • Landfill and rubbish dumps

Surface odour control systems require minimal effort with a spray device to apply. They do not require significant infrastructure to apply and can remain effective for the short to medium term. This makes systems of this type ideal for operations that need low cost, low maintenance odour neutralisers.

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3. Misting systems

Odour neutralising misting systems utilise a reactant comprised from a combination of surfactants and essential oils. Minute droplets are released into the air where, via an active chemical process, they attract and eliminate odour particles.

Mist System

Benefits of misting odour netrualisers include:

  • Powerful neutralising of odours
  • Automatic operation
  • Long operational lifespan

Misting systems are best suited to operations which require a long term odour control solution. Once the necessary infrastructure has been installed, they provide years of use with little maintenance required. They are also largely automated which means running costs and inputs required are minimal.

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2. Portable misting systems

Portable misting systems are as the name suggests, portable versions of regular misting systems. They use a similar method of odour control. However, they are smaller and placed on wheels to facilitate easy transportation from one work site or industrial application to another.

Portable Mist

Industries which use portable misting odour neutralisers include:

  • Water treatment and processing
  • Abattoirs and tanneries
  • Solid waste management
  • Composting
  • Meat and livestock

Portable systems can be transported easily, which makes them perfect for dynamic odour environments. As odour hot spots appear, portable systems can be moved into place in order to respond. They can be applied quickly and simply. So odours are neutralised with speed, wherever they may appear.

1. Vapour systems

Vapour systems use powerful reactants to hit odours at their source. They eliminate odours on a molecular level, rather than simply masking them. In this way, vapour systems' active ingredients can get to the cause of odours, removing them promptly and completely, both in indoor and outdoor environments.

Vapour System

Benefits of vapour odour neutralisers include:

  • Powerful elimination of odours
  • Quiet, dry and invisible application
  • Extremely low maintenance
  • No water supply required

At Cleanawater, our vapour systems are the lowest maintenance odour control products available to buy in Australia today. This means they are a great solution for where maintenance budgets are minimal or where odour control units need to be placed in areas that are not readily accessible.

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How odour neutralising systems compare

Type of system Key benefits Common applications
Surface treatments Minimal setup
Low cost
Low maintenance
Rubbish dumps
Composting sites
Recycling plants
Misting systems Long term solution
Automatic operation
Long service life
Abattoirs and tanneries
Solid waste management
Meat and livestock
Portable misting systems Easily transportable
Portable odour control
Speedy set up
Food and dairy processing
Water treatment
Vapour systems Eliminates odours on a molecular level
Extremely low maintenance
No water supply required
Landfill and tips
Waste management
Food processing

Thinking odour neutralisers? Think Cleanawater.

At Cleanawater, we've been providing Australian businesses and industry with complete odour control solutions for over 25 years, and we could help you and your operation too.

We tailor odour control solutions to match the individual requirements of each client. So when you choose us, you know you're getting a system which is right for your circumstances.

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Dale Strachan

Business Development Manager

These are four of the most commonly used odour neutralisers utilised by Australian businesses and public organisations. Learn about how you can use them for your site too.

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