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Fan Assisted Filters

Enquire about Cleanawater's fan assisted filters

Benefits of fan assisted filters

  • Up to 99.5% odour removal for fewer resident complaints
  • Breaks down a range of organic hazardous contaminates
  • Treatment is continuous despite different flow rates and concentrations
  • Simple installation and operation to get started quickly
  • Low cost per unit makes fan assisted filters an economical choice
  • Easy drum replacement when carbon has reached the end of its lifespan
  • Designed for the harsh conditions of wastewater treatment plants

How it works

Cleanawater's fan assisted filters use pellets made of high performance activated carbon specially formulated to encourage H₂S adsorption. This media also reduces dimethyl sulphide levels, mercaptans and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

Benefits to clients 

Fan assisted filters offer a reliable, proven system to remove 99.5% of odorous gases. Their modular construction makes for convenient and quick set up. A relatively compact size ensures the minimum aesthetic impact on sites where residents are concerned about view obstruction.

Fan assisted filters require low levels of maintenance, saving you money. With Cleanawater's expert advice you will have peace of mind that your odour problems are being completely managed.

Product Models

  • FC75x1
  • FC75x2
  • FC75x3
  • FCC150
  • FCC200
  • FC155
  • FC225
  • FC350
  • FC510
  • FC900
  • FC1400
  • FC1900
  • Customised Systems

Applicable Industries


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