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Activated carbon filters

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Learn how activated carbon filters remove VOCs and odours

Carbon filters are effective for a wide variety of application. Find out how they work and where they can be used.

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Why choose OdourPro by CleanaWater for your activated carbon filter?

With over 25 years of experience in industrial and commercial odour management, CleanaWater's OdourPro is the trusted choice for effective and customised solutions. Our expertise and advanced technology allow us to design bespoke systems tailored to the unique needs of any site, whether it's dealing with concentrated odours from commercial garbage rooms or diffuse odours from landfills.

Operating across Australia, CleanaWater has the capability to serve any industry or business. OdourPro's activated carbon filtration systems not only offer impressive reductions in hydrogen sulphide emissions of up to 99.5%, but they also effectively target other unwanted and harmful contaminants like carbon monoxide.

We get to the root of the odour issue with a thorough consultation and evaluation process to ensure we find the best odour control solution for your site. Trust in OdourPro by CleanaWater to deliver exceptional activated carbon filtration and comprehensive odour management expertise.

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Passive Vent Carbon Filters – FiltaPro

Uses and applications

  • Up to 99.5% odour removal
  • Use with external vent duct or stack
  • Permits air inflow into sewer system
  • Multi-cartridge options for greater customisation
  • Simple installation for quick start time
  • Replaceable cartridges for reduced maintenance cost
  • Variation in unit capacities for greater efficiency (40–160Lps)

Applicable industries

Odour reduction
Up to 99.5%
H₂S removal
Up to 99.5%
Lessens corrosion

Fan Assisted Filters – FiltaCarb™ 75 Series

Can be used as a replacement in vent stack as odours are treated at ground level

  • Treats many contaminants simultaneously
  • Enables a lower gas retention time in sewer
  • Up to 99% odour reduction
  • Can be customised according to airflow and contaminant levels
  • Ready to install modular units for quicker start-up
  • Proven, reliable technology with high efficiency
  • Trusted by hundreds of Australian councils

Applicable industries

Odour reduction
Up to 99%
Less H₂S gas
Up to 99%
Prevents corrosion

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