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Oil Water Separators

For the effective removal of oil from wastewater

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What are oil water separators?

An oil water separator is a device used to treat wastewater. It removes oils, grease and hydrocarbons, leaving only the non-hazardous water. The wastewater can then be disposed of safely in drainage. There are different kinds of oil water separators, and each one has a different capability. They are used for varying commercial and industrial applications. They also treat contaminants found in water, including free-floating oil, emulsified oil, dissolved oil, and suspended solids.

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Our oil water separator range

Introducing our comprehensive oil water separator range. Our separators are meticulously engineered to remove oil and hydrocarbon contaminants from water, while ensuring compliance with environmental regulations.

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See our oil water separators in action

Witness firsthand how our cutting-edge oil water separators successfully addressed a critical environmental challenge faced by Swinburne University, showcasing our remarkable efficacy in mitigating oil and hydrocarbon contamination, reducing environmental impact, and achieving compliance with rigorous regulatory standards.

Case Study

Swinburne University

Swinburne Uni needed to clean its earth-moving equipment and discharge water using sustainable solutions and minimised operating costs. To do this, Cleanawater provided a portable wash bay and an oil water separator. Using coalescing plate technology, we were able to separate oil and grease from washdown water, allowing the purified water to pass through municipal sewers.

How our oil water separators work

Find out more about how our oil water separators function. Each system is created using innovative technology to ensure efficient performance when removing oil, grease, and free-floating hydrocarbons from wastewater, all while adhering to environmental compliance Australia-wide. 

ows pin image Wastewater in Treatment chamber containing oil attracting media packs Water out Controller Media surface attracts and coalesces oil droplets in wastewater Oil droplets, when large enough, rise to the surface for skimming, leaving behind clean water for discharge Sludge outlet Waste oil collected after removal


  • Small footprint - install to tight spaces
  • Available with a selection of upgrades to suit site specific requirements
  • Utilises MPK coalescing media technology which is less prone to premature blockage
  • No filter bag consumables required
  • Removes hydrocarbons to 30ppm to exceed water authority regulations
  • Commonly used as primary treatment for water recycling


  • Approved and appraised by all major metropolitan and regional authorities
  • Turn key packages - easy and quick to install
  • Avoid costly fines from authorities
  • Avoid compromising the daily operations of your business
  • Weatherproof for outdoor installation
  • Automated operation and no consumables required
  • Average working life of 20+ years

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