By Paul Propadalo

Sales Representative

29 October 2023

Oil water separators for every industry

In the intricate web of industries and environmental responsibility, the unsung heroes known as oil water separators emerge as vital guardians. Their significance goes beyond the surface, extending to preserving clean water streams and the delicate balance of our ecosystem.

In this article, we deep dive into the world of the oil separator and the various types that safeguard clean water and uphold environmental sustainability.

Understanding oil water separators

Unveiling fundamental purpose

Often unseen but always impactful, the oily water separator plays a pivotal role in maintaining the purity of water streams. Their core mission revolves around separating oil from water, ensuring that contaminants are extracted before water is discharged into the sewer.

Addressing unique challenges

While the overarching purpose remains constant, the challenges posed by diverse industries and scenarios are anything but uniform. This underscores the need for tailored solutions that adapt to specific separation challenges in manufacturing, transportation, or industrial processes.

Gravity separators

Harnessing density dynamics

Gravity separators stand as a testament to the elegant dance of physics. These separators capitalise on the disparities in density between oil, suspended solids and water. Given the lower density of oil, it naturally rises above the denser water, creating distinct layers—a separate oil layer atop a water layer.

Layered simplicity

The magic of gravity-driven separation lies in the formation of these layers. The separation process requires minimal intervention, as the distinct layers facilitate effortless oil removal from the surface. This streamlined approach makes gravity separators an excellent solution for various separation challenges.

Coalescing plate separators

Promoting droplet unification

Coalescing separators introduce a touch of sophistication to oil-water separation. Their central focus revolves around coaxing tiny oil droplets to unite into larger masses—a process known as coalescence. This transformation simplifies the separation, making it easier to extract oil from water.

The role of specialised plates

The heart of coalescing plate separators lies in their ingenious design. Specially engineered plates serve as catalysts for coalescence, creating a conducive environment for oil droplets to merge. As these droplets congregate, they transform from scattered entities into larger, distinct masses that can be effortlessly separated from the water.

API separators

Navigating oil and gas realms

API separators take the stage in oil and gas, where precision is paramount. These separators owe their name to the American Petroleum Institute—a nod to their significance in the industry. Their role extends beyond mere separation; they serve as linchpins in maintaining operational efficiency and environmental compliance.

Trifecta of separation

API separators tackle a trinity of free-floating oil particles, water, and sludge components. Their intricate design accommodates the nuances of these elements, ensuring they part ways seamlessly. As the mixture enters, the separation process unfolds. Oil, buoyant by nature, rises to the surface while denser water and solid sludge settle below. This orchestrated dance of separation is orchestrated to perfection by API separators.

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Hydrocyclone separators

Centrifugal symphony

Hydrocyclone separators showcase the elegance of centrifugal force in action. Their foundation rests on harnessing the power of spinning motion to drive separation. This dynamic force, resulting from the swirling motion within the separator, propels oil and water separation.

Swirling precision

A vortex is created within hydro-cyclone separators—a swirling whirlpool that envelops the oil-water mixture. The centrifugal force at play pushes heavier water towards the periphery while lighter oil migrates to the centre. This precise segregation ensures that the two substances are delineated and ready for efficient extraction.

Choose Cleanawater for custom solutions

As you explore the path to optimal oil water separation, consider Cleanawater's solutions—an embodiment of ingenuity, precision, and a dedication to a cleaner, greener world. We craft solutions that resonate with the distinct demands of various industries. From marine realms to manufacturing floors, our offerings are a testament to the power of customisation.

Paul Propadalo

Sales Representative

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