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Food and Dairy

We'll help your food and dairy plant meet it's water treatment requirements for compliance

  • Compliant wastewater discharge
  • Recovery of fats in wastewater
  • Reduce odour releases and complaints
  • Evaluation of existing effluent treatment facilities
  • Recommend upgrades, retrofits, replacements
  • Reduce running costs

The food and dairy challenges Cleanawater can help with

Regulators are constantly raising the standards of wastewater discharge, putting pressure on food and dairy producers to remain compliant. Urban creep is placing communities closer to factories, leading to increased odour complaints.

Cleanawater is the partner you need to solve your wastewater problems from your food and dairy facility. Our track record spans more than 20 years of expert advice, state of the art products and improvements in running costs and performance.

Food and Dairy industry products

How Cleanawater can help your food and dairy operation

Effluent wastewater treatment is a major issue for food and dairy processors. Remaining compliant while keeping costs under control is vital to be competitive in the market.

Cleanawater offers hydrocyclone separators for food and dairy plants to remove fats, oils, grease, and suspended solids from wastewater. They require no chemicals nor complex systems of pH or temperature control, relying on their innovative vortex technology.

Our hydrocyclone separator units are state of the art. Our equipment, coupled with our technical expertise, ensures you get the ideal solution for your specific application. We can even retrofit your existing system if it fails to deliver the performance you need.

Cleanawater offers you exceptional technical service based on our years of experience.

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Who is Cleanawater?

Learn about Cleanawater in less than a minute

Cleanawater's end-to-end process

Step 1

Process Development

Cleanawater's project engineers confirm all site parameters, commence design and process evaluations on specific requirements for each project.

Step 2

Conceptual Modelling

Conceptual 3D models, predictive flow and performance analysis models are tested prior to manufacturing commencing.

Step 3


We update the design briefs and commence manufacturing. We create build drawings before manufacturing and commissioning commences at our Melbourne facility.

Step 4


The Cleanawater team complete system installation and commissioning on site – without disrupting your operations.

What to do with your wastewater

  • Capture your wastewater for treatment before discharge.
  • Size your wastewater treatment based on current and projected future use.
  • Determine whether to buy or rent a wastewater treatment system.
  • Integrate screening systems and balance tanks as required.
  • Re-use wastewater if possible (e.g. to irrigate pasture).
  • Ensure your system is being serviced and maintained in accordance with manufacturers guidelines.
  • Contact Cleanawater if you have any queries with your new or existing project.

What not to do with your waste water

  • Do not allow wastewater to be discharged without treatment.
  • Do not allow large quantities of oils and fats to enter a hydrocyclone separator.
  • Do not use excessive chemicals for wastewater treatment.

Prevent fines and shutdowns

Cleanawater has extensive experience in overcoming the challenges of wastewater generated by food and dairy processing. Non-compliance leads to fines, and even the potential of a facility shutdown. But, this can be avoided by following the technical guidance of Cleanawater experts.

We are well versed in federal and state legislation, along with the requirements of local permits. We supply everything you need to stay compliant - including design, commissioning, training, and servicing of wastewater treatment systems.

Our complete approach to equipment servicing and after sales support ensures that your system functions optimally for years to come. Friendly technical advice is only a phone call away.

Just call us on 1800 353 788 to start the conversation.

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Our commitment to sustainability

Sustainability is a core value of Cleanawater. We believe in reducing waste, minimising the use of chemicals and recycling water as much as possible.

Cleanawater supplies water recycling units as well as rain water harvesting. Water is cleaned to the desired specification and then reused within the facility or as irrigation rather than discharging it as wastewater.

Recycling wastewater reduces costs for food and dairy producers because it lowers their demand for fresh water. In addition to cost savings, this approach preserves Australia's natural water resources. It also eliminates the expenses of wastewater removal and disposal, which can escalate quickly for contaminated water.

Cleanawater's experience in sustainability projects gives us the foundation to evaluate your project and propose custom solutions for your needs. Let our experts develop a sustainable water solution for your food and dairy facility.

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