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We'll help your mining operation meet its water treatment requirements in:

  • Pump stations
  • Washdown bays
  • Refuelling bays
  • Workshops
  • Bulk diesel storage
  • Chemical storage bunds

The mining industry challenges Cleanawater can help with

Lower running costs, zero fines or shutdown, and hassle-free maintenance and servicing of your equipment. We understand how valuable these are to your mining operations.

Our award winning systems are high performance, as well as easy to use. And they’re cost effective for your mining applications. We can help you treat domestic wastewater for temporary mining operation camps, surface runoff treatment, and much more.

How Cleanawater can help your mining operations

Designed and engineered for the mining sector, Cleanawater's wastewater treatment solutions help you meet the highest industry standards and gain approval by all leading water authorities in Australia.

We carry one of Australia's largest stocks of off-the-shelf wastewater treatment equipment. That includes oil water separators, water recycling systems, vehicle wash bays, pump stations, chemical control and oil skimmers. They're engineered to perform in rugged environments. They're built for minimal reliance on power and consumables – keeping your running costs minimal. And thanks to their efficiency and durability, they require only minimal, hassle-free maintenance.

From designing equipment specific to your mining industry, to manufacturing and installing it, we provide a start to finish service. Most of our off-the-shelf wastewater treatment units come fully wired and with complete plumbing. You can easily retrofit them in your mining application, and minimise the amount of downtime ordinarily needed.

We have tonnes of stock and fast delivery times. Generally, we can dispatch orders within 24 hours from the time of purchase. And, as part of our full service, you’ll receive ongoing support and assistance post-sale. This includes equipment servicing, inspection, and repair. It's all supported by Cleanawater's technical assistance – including fly-in/fly-out equipment servicing, inspection and repair.

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Learn more about our process

Learn about CleanaWater's process in this client interview

Featured case study


In line with their environmental policies, Freeport-McMoRan needed to upgrade a heavy vehicle wash pad to meet standards.

Oily water with high levels of solids was being discharged to a mine site creek – their 10,000L coalescing plate separator was undersized and constantly breaking down and they needed a new solution.

Cleanawater's end-to-end process

Step 1

Designing the product plan

Cleanawater’s project engineers will visit your site, mark and assess the parameters. Specific requirements for your project will be accounted for during this phase.

Step 2

Creating 3D models

The team will create conceptual 3D models of the product. We’ll perform predictive flow and performance analysis tests before beginning the manufacturing phase.

Step 3

Manufacturing your system

We begin creating your wastewater treatment system, specifically designed for your mining application.

Step 4


We’ll install the system at your site. We’ll test all aspects of the product to make sure it performs, all without interrupting your operations.

What to do with your wash down bay and workshop waste water

  • Ensure discharge of waste water is to evaporative ponds, site sewerage network, holding tank or to the next stage of treatment.
  • Select the correct hydrocarbon treatment system based on site requirements and flow rates.
  • Encourage re-use of water for wash down or dust suppression.
  • Only use biodegradable quick break degreasers and detergents.
  • Ensure your sump capacity is adequate to handle your peak flow rates.
  • Calculate potential rain events when selecting your treatment system.
  • Check with your environmental department for water quality standards if you wish to use water for dust suppression or water recycling.
  • Use only helical rotor or diaphragm pumps to pump wash water through your treatment system.
  • Ensure your system is being serviced and maintained in accordance with manufacturer recommendations.
  • Contact Cleanawater if you have any queries regarding your new or existing project.

What not to do with your wash down bay and workshop waste water

  • Do not use traditional solvent based degreasers that do not have quick break properties. These degreasers cause oil and detergents to remain in suspension and not separate through a traditional oil water separator system.
  • Do not dispose of any coolants, acids, caustics or chemicals through the water treatment system, these should be disposed of by licenced contractors.
  • Do not allow wash down water to discharge directly to the stormwater drain.
  • Do not allow water to overflow and evaporate onto adjacent ground.
  • Do not setup a series of holding tanks with no treatment or disinfection if water is to be re used, this can be dangerous.

Prevent fines and shutdowns

At Cleanawater, we have extensive experience in helping mining authorities meet authority requirements. This is because we’ve installed our systems in countless mining regions – so we’re well versed in the specific requirements of your local water authorities.

We can help you comply with state, and federal legislation, as well as acquire local permits. We’ll supply systems which are compliant with industry standards, and set up regular equipment servicing to suit your timeframe.

Ongoing after-sales support services ensure you’re satisfied with your equipment, and if you have any questions or would like to change your maintenance schedule, our friendly team is more than happy to help – call us on 1800 353 788 to find out more.

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Our commitment to sustainability

We operate our business on three main pillars – sustainability, innovation, and service. These concepts are the foundation of our mission to create a sustainable future for Australia through wastewater management.

Our passion is the reason why we’re an industry leader in sustainable water treatment systems and technology. We create, manufacture, and install systems which are energy efficient, and require no chemicals – while remaining durable and long-lasting.

For your mining operation, it means meeting your Environmental Duty of Care in a cost-effective manner.

For your mining operation, it means meeting your Environmental Duty of Care in a cost-effective manner.

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