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We can help your manufacturing operation in:

  • Food and beverage can manufacturing plants
  • Chemical and lubricant manufacturing plants
  • Structural engineering plants/li>
  • Industrial fastener plants
  • Increasing pressure and higher standards from regulators for wastewater discharge
  • The problem of removing non-emulsified oils from water
  • The wastage of cutting oils and lubricants that cannot be recovered from water
  • The spiralling costs of operations and process engineering
  • The high cost to dispose of wastewater

Cleanawater helps the manufacturing industry overcome these challenges

Cleanawater is a market-leading, state of the art supplier of equipment and services for wastewater treatment.

We help separate oil-based contaminants from your wastewater stream to ensure your discharge complies with regulatory standards. Recovered cutting oils and lubricants can often be re-used, saving thousands of dollars in operational costs. Where oil cannot be re-used, separating it from wastewater is necessary to prevent out-of-specification effluent from being released—leading to fines and potential shutdown.

How Cleanawater can help your manufacturing operations

Cleanawater supplies oil water separators for removal of oil down to as low as five parts per million or 10 microns. Coalescing or hydrocyclone separators remove free oils from wastewater streams without the use of large settling ponds that rely on gravity effects.

Oil skimmers remove free oil from the surface of water. Weir skimmersbelt skimmersdrum skimmers, and tube skimmers operate continuously and also remove debris from the wastewater stream. Cleanawater's wide array of equipment in various sizes guarantees there is a perfect fit for any manufacturing context.

A range of chemical dosing solutions from Cleanawater provides pH control for wastewater. A sanitising solution is also available for the safe storage of rain water and recycled water.

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Who is Cleanawater?

Learn about Cleanawater in less than a minute

Cleanawater's end-to-end process

Step 1

Process Development

Cleanawater's project engineers confirm all site parameters, commence design and process evaluations on specific requirements for each project.

Step 2

Conceptual Modelling

Conceptual 3D models, predictive flow and performance analysis models are tested prior to manufacturing commencing.

Step 3


We update the design briefs and commence manufacturing. We create build drawings before manufacturing and commissioning commences at our Melbourne facility.

Step 4


The Cleanawater team complete system installation and commissioning on site – without disrupting your operations.

What to do with your manufacturing wastewater

  • Ask Cleanawater to help you assess your compliance.
  • Identify the risks to the quality of your wastewater.
  • Determine your lubricating and cutting oil losses to justify recovery.
  • Get help from experts at Cleanawater to provide the right solution for your needs.

What not to do with your manufacturing wastewater

  • Don't leave it until you have an incident and have to pay a fine.
  • Don't assume that nothing will go wrong.
  • Don't rely on your own knowledge when you can get expert assistance.
  • Don't waste another cent by letting cutting oils disappear with your waste.

Regulators monitor manufacturers for the quality of their wastewater compliance

The Environment Protection Authority monitors compliance and enforces legislation to protect the environment and communities. They have the power to fine companies that pollute the environment by discharging wastewater that is outside of acceptable limits. The EPA also investigates spills and incidents that could affect surrounding areas and communities.

Manufacturers are subject to the authority of the EPA and must adhere to their requirements. The only way to ensure compliance is to implement industry-leading solutions which manage wastewater quality before it is released into the environment. Cleanawater is the perfect partner to implement systems that take the headache out of compliance, and prevent potential fines and even shutdown.

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Our sustainability commitment

Sustainability and water recycling is growing in importance as natural resources become threatened and operating costs rise. Companies that recycle their wastewater for use in their manufacturing processes have an advantage over their competitors. However, wastewater cannot be re-used without treatment and control of its quality. Cleanawater oil/water separators and chemical dosing solutions can be configured to deliver high quality recycled water to any manufacturing facility.

In addition, many manufacturing companies have facilities with large roof areas that have the potential to capture high volumes of rain water. This water must be sanitised to prevent bacteria from growing and algae from building up in the system. Cleanawater offers rain water collection systems that overcome these challenges.

Building a sustainable future makes sense both in terms of reducing wastage of precious natural resources and cutting back on current operational costs.

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