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Portable Wash Bays

Wash bays that offer the convenience of portability

See our wash bays in action

Relocatable wash bays designed for your site’s needs

Our portable wash bay equipment can be transported to your site as a plug-and-play system that's ready to go. We can design and build our relocatable wash bay systems to perfectly suit to your business — from construction sites, mine sites to commercial hire centres.

mobile wash bays 990x477 A specially selected non-slip polyurethane coating is pre-applied to the deck & ramps to improve safety and prevent slipping Robust construction can carry weight loads of up to 12 Tonne per axle External water connection ports ensure no leaks between ground modules Wind loaded rated walls which cater to most environments across Australia Hot-dip galvanised steel protects the structure from the harsh Australian environment Watertight construction ensures no leaks and no contamination of surrounding ground area

Use our calculator to get your portable wash bay estimate

Relocatable wash bays for all vehicle types

At Cleanawater, we make sure you stay ahead of the game. Our custom-designed wash bay systems are tailored to meet your application's needs and site conditions. Our experienced team can update any portable wash bay system for optimal compliance.

About our portable wash bays

Cleanawater supplies portable systems for all wash-down areas. Whether you require an off-the-shelf unit, a temporary wash bay or a custom-designed solution, you'll benefit from our 20 years of wash bay expertise across a wide range of industries.

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Download our portable wash bays brochure for info on specs

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Wash bays engineered for efficient performance in all industries

Need a wash out bay that's up to local authority standards? CleanaWater's portable and permanent wash bay equipment will help you meet their strict criteria.

Our wash bay systems can be transported to your site as a plug-and-play solution that's ready to go. Or we can design and build one that's perfectly suited to your site.

Case Study

Coates Muswellbrook

Coates needed a wash bay to efficiently clean their fleet of hire equipment. The decision to opt for a modular wash bay solution for their new Muswellbrook location was driven by considerations of cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and environmental impact. CleanaWater provided a total package to address their specific needs.

Case Study

Agricultural Business

The client needed a wash bay for their equipment, and needed it to be portable in anticipation of growth and change in the industry. See how Cleanawater helped.

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