By Paul Propadalo

Sales Representative

9 January 2024

What is an oil-water separator? 

An oil-water separator is a device used in wastewater treatment, designed to effectively remove oils and hydrocarbons from water. This process results in non-hazardous water that can be safely disposed of in drainage systems. CleanaWater specialises in top-notch oil water separator systems, offering solutions tailored to varying commercial and industrial needs. 

How does an oil-water separator work? 

CleanaWater's oil-water separators operate with superior efficiency, utilising coalescing media technology. The systems, ranging from 1,000L to 5,000L nominal flow rate per hour, and are designed to integrate into existing infrastructure.  

CleanaWater’s oil-water separators remove oil from water by coalescence, which is when small oil droplets come together to form bigger ones that rise to the surface of the tank. Sludge settles on the bottom of the tank, and any impurities are filtered out, leaving behind water that is safe for discharge into the sewer. 

Maintaining your oil-water separator 

To ensure optimal performance for decades to come, CleanaWater offers service and maintenance options for your oil-water separator system. Our user-friendly design also means that maintenance can be completed by simply following our step-by-step guide. Proper maintenance is essential to ensure the system operates at peak performance and remains compliant with water authority regulations. Regular maintenance will also extend the life of your system and reduce downtime, allowing for continuous and uninterrupted wastewater treatment operations. 

Choosing an oil-water separator 

CleanaWater's oil-water separators come in a range of sizes, making them the ideal choice for your wastewater treatment needs: 


  • Small footprint for installation in tight spaces. 
  • Available with upgrades to suit site-specific requirements. 
  • Removes hydrocarbons to 30ppm, exceeding water authority regulations. 
  • Commonly used as primary treatment for water recycling. 


  • Approved and appraised by major metropolitan and regional authorities, nation wide. 
  • Turnkey packages for easy and quick installation. 
  • Weatherproof design for outdoor installation. 
  • Automated operation with an average working life of 20+ years. 

Choose CleanaWater for a reliable, eco-friendly solution to your wastewater treatment needs, ensuring compliance with environmental standards across Australia. 

Paul Propadalo

Sales Representative

An oil-water separator is a device used in wastewater treatment, designed to effectively remove oils and hydrocarbons from water.

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