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Passive Vent Filters

Learn about the different types of carbon filtration

Carbon filtration is a compliance requirement at a range of locations. Find out how the different types of carbon filter systems work and which one you may need.

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Benefits of Cleanawater passive vent filters

  • Up to 99.5% odour removal
  • Can connect to external vent duct or stack
  • Allows air inflow into sewer system
  • Greater customisation with multi-cartridge options
  • Simple installation for quick setup
  • Replaceable cartridges for a solution that lasts
  • Variation in capacity to suit different needs (40–160Lps)

How it works

Passive vent filters work by using cartridges full of high performance activated carbon to absorb and oxidise sewer gases. Low back pressure in the units encourages air flow. Passive vent filters can be used to treat H₂S, as well as dimethyl sulphide, mercaptans and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Benefits to clients

Passive vent filters are specially designed to require very little maintenance, with no moving parts. They are robust, securely assembled and appropriate for harsh environments.

With easy installation and a high odour removal rate of 99.5%, passive vent filters offer a low cost, long-term odour management intervention. Replaceable cartridges make equipment upkeep a breeze.

Product Models

  • FiltaVent 20
  • FiltaVent 30
  • FiltaVent 40
  • FiltaVent 60
  • FiltaVent 80
  • FiltaVent 120
  • FiltaVent 160


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