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Mark Maggiore

Sales Manager


About Mark Maggiore

As CleanaWater's Sales Manager, Mark Maggiore is instrumental in boosting business growth and financial performance through strategic initiatives and efficiency measures. With 20+ years in water treatment projects and a degree in Environmental Science, and diplomas in Project Management, and Business Management, Mark offers profound expertise and insight to his position.

Mark oversees client relationships, ensures satisfaction, and converts leads into profitable ventures. He manages projects in Victoria, drives product development, and leads sales, engineering, and marketing teams to execute strategic plans with senior leadership.

Throughout his time with CleanaWater, Mark has achieved notable successes, including managing the brand for the past 8 years, securing numerous major projects and leading the development of the modular wash bay, a flagship product for the brand. Mark is also the founder of M2 Greener Living Solutions an environmental solutions business that operated successfully for a decade.

Among his favourite projects are the Coates project, involving modular and permanent wash bays along the East Coast, and the St Marys Freight Hub Terminal quarantine wash bay with water recycling, valued at $300K.

Mark's approach to working with clients is characterised by a deep understanding of their needs and challenges, working collaboratively to develop sustainable solutions that benefit both their business operations and the environment. He values building long-lasting relationships with clients, ensuring their satisfaction, and fostering repeat business.

At CleanaWater, Mark finds fulfilment in providing clients with sustainable solutions that protect the environment. Outside of work, he channels his passion for environmentalism into hobbies like beekeeping, producing over 40kg of honey annually from his backyard beehive.

Mark is known for his easy-going nature and his commitment to making the world a better place through environmental stewardship, making him an asset to both CleanaWater and its clients.

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Mark Maggiore Sales Manager

Mark Maggiore’s recent projects

Mark thrives on finding solutions that benefit both his clients and the environment, see how he has achieved this with a recent project.

Case Study

Coates Muswellbrook

As a leading provider of equipment hire services, Coates aims to ensure the cleanliness and optimal condition of their equipment, offering quality services to their customers. The decision to opt for a modular wash bay solution for their new Muswellbrook

Articles written by Mark Maggiore

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    Sales Manager

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    Modular vs. Fixed: Which is the best car wash setup for your business?

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    Sales Manager

    22 August 2023

    The Benefits of a Roofed Wash Bay

    Discover the benefits of a Roofed Wash Bay, an environmentally friendly solution, a smart choice, backed by solid information and council guidelines.
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    Sales Manager

    26 February 2024

    Modular wash bays: clean, green, and flexible

    Discover the benefits of CleanaWater's Modular Wash Bay, an environmentally friendly solution for efficient vehicle cleaning and maintenance. Explore its robust construction, compliance with environmental regulations, cost savings through water recycling,
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