Advanced water treatment technologies to help your business remain compliant

Cleanawater on 18 August 2020

The world is becoming increasingly concerned with the environmental impact of business, and each year, new systems are being researched and developed to help lessen this impact. New technologies in wastewater treatment can add untold value to your business in terms of compliance and efficiency.

If you own a business in Australia that deals with wastewater, you deserve the best in treatment and management. Get in touch with Cleanawater to learn more about how you can improve the efficiency of your business, while remaining compliant with local authorities.

Why wastewater treatment technology is crucial

First and foremost, wastewater treatment technology can help your business remain compliant. Wherever you're located in Australia, local water authorities will have stringent regulations on how you can manage your wastewater. These regulations are also well enforced. Contravening them can lead to massive fines for businesses and individuals.

Secondly, improvements in wastewater technology can promote efficiencies. By implementing cutting edge systems, your business can save energy, lessening its environmental impact. Faster and more efficient systems can also save on operational costs.

New wastewater technologies in Australia

There is a range of new and exciting wastewater treatment technologies available in Australia today. These range from pre-treatments before the water enters waste management systems, to the system themselves.

Aerobic granular biomass

The majority of energy used by wastewater treatment systems is dedicated to reoxygenating water following treatment. To combat this inefficiency, new systems are being developed around using biomass to breakdown waste and organically oxygenate the water without mechanical processes.

It is estimated that this process can "reduce the volume of electricity required by at least 50%", significantly lowering the carbon footprint of wastewater treatment. Similar biotechnology is already being employed in Sydney's north-west by Sydney Water, the New South Wales' largest water treatment body.

Anaerobic digestion

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To improve energy efficiency in the wastewater treatment sector, anaerobic digestion takes aerobic granular biomass a step further. This natural process encourages bacteria to take the waste present in water and convert it to biogas, thereby reducing the water contamination and providing alternative sources of energy.

For example, wastewater treatment plants in the United States harness the potential of contaminated water from farms. Food, crop, and livestock waste present in water are digested by the system, creating biogas, which is used to power the system. Biomethane, another gas product of the system, can be used to fuel vehicles. Finally, the leftover digestate is repurposed as fertiliser.

Virtual Curtain

Due to the presence of heavy metals and inorganic material, mining has traditionally been one of the most difficult and least efficient industries to provide wastewater treatment for. The Virtual Curtain seeks to reduce mining wastewater by 90% by using hydrotalcites to clean the water.

Hydrotalicites are compounds of carbonates, magnesium, and aluminium that trap waste impurities within their structures. This natural method of wastewater treatment can be many times more effective and efficient than technologies like reverse osmosis. The material produced by the Virtual Curtain can also be refined into high-quality metal, which can support the mine's recovery rate and offset operational costs.

Energy-efficient water treatment systems

Cleanawater also provides a range of existing wastewater treatment systems that can improve efficiency for your business.

  • Oil water separators are a popular choice for businesses that need to remove oil from wastewater. They can remove oil from water down to 5 parts per million.
  • Rainwater recycling and harvesting systems can reduce reliance on mains water by reusing rainwater captured around your operation.
  • Chemical control units can come pre-designed or custom-designed to suit your operational capabilities. With easy servicing and maintenance, they can ensure that you remain compliant at all times.

Why choose Cleanawater?

Cleanawater is Australia's leading wastewater treatment specialist. Our solutions come at full service — we design, supply, install, maintain and repair wastewater treatment technologies for your business. 

We always suggest solutions that are eco-friendly, allowing you to remain compliant with local water authorities. Our solutions can also be retrofitted to fit in with your existing processes. Whatever you need — from standard systems, to emerging technologies — we can facilitate.

Ready to investigate the new and exciting wastewater treatment technologies available to your business? Contact Cleanawater. Our friendly team of experts will work with you to improve efficiency, and ensure that you remain in complete compliance with local water authorities.