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Industrial Oil Water Separators

For effective oil separation from industrial wastewater systems

Key oil-related challenges for industrial applications

  • Discharging dirty wastewater can lead to pollution and regulatory non-compliance.
  • Harmful contaminants from wastewater can easily enter the natural environment.
  • An excess of oil production can reduce the efficiency of industrial equipment.
  • Treating wastewater generated by industrial processes can be expensive.
  • Oily wastewater cannot be reused for irrigation or cleaning purposes.
  • Discharging oily wastewater can impact a company’s public image.

Industry overview - managing oil in industrial settings

An oil water separator is used within industrial settings to effectively remove oils, greases, and other hydrophobic contaminants from wastewater streams. This method of oil extraction comes with some major benefits, including compliance with environmental regulations, safeguarding water resources, reducing treatment costs, and protecting downstream equipment.

At Cleanawater, we supply industrial companies with oil water separators designed to effectively manage and clean wastewater. We tailor our solutions to best match your industrial application, with oil water separators ranging from 1,000L to 5,000L nominal flow rate per hour. Plus, every system comes with non-emulsifying pumps, float switches and controllers – everything you need to get up and running.

Using oil separators to clean your wastewater means your industrial setting discharges water meets authority requirements. This not only helps the environment but safeguards your company from potential fines and penalties.


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Cleanawater’s industrial solutions

Cleanawater's industrial solutions exemplify a commitment to innovation, integrity, and customer satisfaction. With a team of professionals at your disposal, we collaborate closely with industrial sites to understand their unique challenges and tailor solutions that align with specific needs.
It’s no secret that industrial equipment outlets that generate wastewater are required to treat water prior to discharge into sewers, leach drains or other approved discharge points. If you’re not sure whether your industrial site is water authority compliant, you may be in breach of regulations.

At Cleanawater, we provide wastewater treatment solutions, such as oil water separator systems to suit all industries, from small-scale outlets to large-scale worksites. With our low-cost, easy-to-install systems, we’re sure we can help you find an oil water separator that matches your budget and industrial application requirements.

Understanding the oil water separation process

Step 1


The oil water separator is filled with oily water generated from industrial washdowns and vehicle washing.

Step 2

Primary separation

Oil water separators work by pushing non-emulsified oil droplets and other solids to the surface. This forms a layer of sludge that can be removed mechanically.

Step 3


The water will move into a chamber equipped with coalescing plate separators. This will make it easier to separate the oil from the water.

Step 4

Secondary separation

The coalescing plate separator will bring the remaining free-floating oil and suspended solids to the surface.

Step 5


After multiple stages of separation, the oil has been removed from the water. This creates a clarified liquid that can be discharged into the environment.

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