Odour control systems of this type use a 'misting' odour neutraliser concentrate to eliminate odours

By Dale Strachan

Business Development Manager

18 April 2017

Odour neutralising misting systems. What they are. How they work.

A misting odour neutraliser is a type of odour control system that is commonly used in Australia today.

Utilising a complex blend of essential oils and odiferous organic compounds, they encourage absorption and decomposition processes, thereby converting odour molecules into non-volatile compounds. It is by this process that odour neutralising misting systems help to reduce odour concentration and intensity.

Misting odour neutraliser units typically feature a combination of ultra-fine atomization of liquids and pressurised fluids, which are distributed via mist forming nozzles. Operation is automatic, so a continual dosage of odour neutraliser agent can be distributed regularly for ongoing odour suppression.

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What are misting systems constructed from?

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Odour neutralising misting systems are comprised of a series of stainless steel nozzles, a pump, dilution unit, nylon tubes, odour neutralising reactant and electronic controls.

The system pump can be standalone or secured to a nearby wall. It features automatic operation. However, the electronic controls can be used to adjust the automated timer and dosage. Operators may want to adjust the output due to a range of factors. Including due to wind, hourly fluctuations and odour levels.

A portable water supply is also connected to an automatic dilution system which facilitates dilution of the reactant. The reactant is then pumped along the nylon tubing where it can be atomised and misted into the air via the system's nozzles.

Which kinds of odours do odour neutralising misting systems treat?

Systems of this type are designed to eliminate both airborne and surface based odours. They can be used in indoor or outdoor environments depending on the required application.

Odours treated include:

  • Amine compounds
  • Organic acid odours
  • Organic sewage odours
  • Mercaptans
  • Phenol odours
  • Grease odours
  • Low level H2S (open areas)

These are some of the most common odours which odour neutralisers are used against. However, they certainly can be used against others. For information specific to your situation, give us a call.

What is the odour neutraliser mist made from?

The odour neutralising mist is made from a blend of essential oils and odiferous organic compounds, which are naturally found in plants. They are environmentally friendly, safe to use and completely non-toxic.

The key ingredients are:

  • Essential oils
  • Surfactants
  • Aromatics

Together, these powerful reactants can form airborne droplets which attract and neutralise odours through a range of active chemical processes; eliminating odours rather than only masking them.

Where are misting systems commonly used?

Misting systems are used by a wide range of Australian industries and businesses, including both in the private and public sector. They're versatile and easily customisable to suit different purposes.

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Common areas of application include:

  • Municipal and industrial wastewater operations
  • Pump stations and collection systems areas
  • Sludge processing and storage areas
  • Manufacturing sites and exhaust stacks
  • Municipal solid waste operations

They are also popular in the food production and processing industries. You'll often find a misting system at food processing plants, food waste facilities and abattoirs.

At Cleanawater we have installed misting systems at a range of sites.

Including at:

  1. Queensland Urban Utilities (QUU) treatment plants in Brisbane
  2. Dupont Manufacturing Facilities in Sydney
  3. Goulburn Mulwaree Council Waste Facilities in Regional NSW
  4. Australian Native Landscapes Composting Facilities in Sydney

Key benefits of odour neutralising misting systems

Key benefits of odour neutralising misting systems include:

  • Powerful neutralisation of surface and airborne odours
  • Capable of covering large areas
  • Non-corrosive and non-toxic odour neutraliser agents
  • Automatic operation saves labour
  • Long operating life with low maintenance required

They're the effective and easy to use way of eliminating odours and odour complaints.

An appropriately sized and properly installed misting odour neutraliser will help you to comply with environmental regulations, so you can avoid costly fines and potential shutdowns.

Systems can be automated, with minimal input from an operator, keeping running costs low. Maintenance time and cost is also minimised as systems are made to be highly corrosion resistant.

They are suitable for treatment of a range of different odour types. They can neutralise large/diffuse odours. And, of course, they're equally as effective in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Portable misting systems

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Misting systems are available in portable variants, which are as the name suggests, portable.

Portable systems feature a two wheel trailer like design. They use 'fogging cannons' and fans to blow out an odour neutraliser agent to a distance of 10 - 70 metres, where it can suppress airborne odours.

Because of the wheeled, relatively lightweight construction, portable misting systems can be transported and implemented easily at odour hot spots, when and where they appear.

Portable systems are best suited to applications where a more permanent solution is not practical or cost efficient. For ongoing odour control, a fixed odour neutraliser system may be better suited.

"Misting systems are used by a wide range of Australian industries and businesses."

Thinking odour neutralising misting systems? Think Cleanawater.

At Cleanawater, we've been helping Australian business and industry to manage their odours for more than 25 years, over which time we've built a reputation for trusted, reliable products.

We don't only design and install odour neutraliser systems. We go the extra mile to provide customised solutions that treat the very source of the odour problem.

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Business Development Manager

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