Selecting the sewerage pump station that is right for you

Cleanawater on 20 October 2017

A sewerage pump station is an intermediate tank or chamber with a submersible pump that collects sewerage and pumps it out to the municipal system. Sewerage pump stations are specifically used where there is insufficient gradient for a gravity flow of waste from the facility to the discharge point, or where the gravity flow is too slow to accommodate the volume or sewerage.

Residential homes, commercial centres, caravan parks and industrial estates are all applications which could require a sewerage pumping station. Different types of systems are available for the various applications.

What are the different types of sewerage pump station?

The simplest sewerage pump station solutions are single pump stations with a 100 to 250 litre capacity. They are typically used for residential home projects where an extension is creating a single discharge from a new shower or toilet. These single pump stations have standard configurations, use a plug and play pump and don't have unique design features that need to be customised.

Dual pump stations are supplied with two or more pumps for redundancy and are used in commercial applications taking waste from toilet blocks or shopping complexes and so on. Pump impellers are selected based on the kind of waste material that will be processed and great care is needed in the design to ensure there are no unplanned shutdowns of the pump station.

What factors influence which sewerage pump station I need?

1. What size do I need?

The first factor to consider when choosing a sewerage pump station is the size of the chamber and the number of pumps required. For simple applications with a single source of waste, a single pump plug and play system is ideal.

If the sewerage capacity needed is 900 litres or more, it is recommended to select a dual pump system to mitigate against the risk of a system shutdown when a pump fails. For the pumps to be sized correctly, the pump station supplier must be provided with the difference in levels between the pump station and the discharge point for the pump head pressure to be calculated.

2. What kind of internal access to the pump station do I need?

It must also be determined what kind of internal access to the pump station is required after installation. Chamber type and the configuration of the installation are influenced by the kind of access required once the system is commissioned. All submersible pumps are removable by a pre-installed chain system so that pumps can be removed for maintenance. Guide rails are added to deep chambers to facilitate safe pump removal.

3. What waste is being processed?

The type of waste being processed will impact which material should be chosen for the chamber, as well as the float switch material and the piping material to carry the effluent. Depending on the traffic flow over the sewerage pump station, pedestrian, light or heavy covers and gratings can be specified.

4. What control systems do I want?

Instrumentation and control systems vary significantly between different sewerage pump station solutions. Smaller units (below 250 litres) are configured with optional alarms, but larger units can have fully integrated PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) systems. Remote monitoring can be configured to ensure that the relevant personnel are notified of a failure in the system.


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What will I pay for a sewerage pump station?

The capacity of the system is the primary factor affecting the cost. But many other choices about design will also play a role:

  • Pump chamber material and piping material
  • Number of pumps and pump impeller selection
  • Whether the installation is 3-phase or single phase
  • Monitoring and control system selections and remote monitoring configuration
  • The strength of the covers and gratings (from pedestrian to heavy duty)

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