Selecting a stormwater pump station

By Mark Maggiore

Sales Manager

1 October 2018

Stormwater pump stations collect stormwater runoff and pump it to a discharge stormwater. They are used where the layout of the property does not allow for gravity flow to the stormwater drain. Pump stations are supplied in different sizes, with single or dual pumps, and various configurations of controls and alarms.

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It is critical to match the site conditions with the right stormwater pump station to prevent pumps from burning out or flooding from the chamber.

Fibreglass or poly pump station prices are much cheaper and the units easier to install onsite than concrete structures. These newer construction materials have lowered installation costs for stormwater pump stations. However, care must be taken not to install a low-quality pump station as cheap pumps burn out easily, and cheap control systems may not have the necessary features to protect pumps from damage.

Stormwater pump station price guide

Stormwater pump station prices range from simple single pump units at $2,600 to the 3,000-litres dual pump units starting at $6,800. For anything greater than this, contact Cleanawater about our stormwater pump stations.



730 mm

900 mm

250 litres




1120 mm

1260 mm

900 litres




1120 mm

1260 mm

900 litres




1120 mm

1660 mm

1,200 litres




1730 mm

2245 mm

3,000 litres



*Note: prices are baseline only. For a customised quote, contact Cleanawater.

Factors affecting selection of stormwater pump stations

Expected volume of water

pump station price

Stormwater runoff varies according to rainfall. When sizing the stormwater pump station chamber for your application, consideration must be given to the expected volume of water the pump station will receive. Average rainfall figures are not sufficient for determining the sizing because the pump station must be large enough to handle peak water flow events without flooding.

There is another disadvantage to installing a pump station too small for your application—switching pumps on and off excessively reduces the life of the motors. This will result in higher maintenance costs and potential outages of the pump station, leaving your site vulnerable to flooding.

Distance from stormwater drain

The further the stormwater pump station is from a stormwater discharge point, the more power may be needed. Bigger motors, bigger pumps, and larger diameter piping must be factored in if you wish to move water across that distance. In addition to this, the more bends there are in the piping route, the more friction and resistance there is to flow. This adds to the required pump sizing and specification.

You should obtain engineering support to calculate the pump capacity requirements for each application.

Invert level

Water does not always enter by gravity directly into the pump station chamber. It may enter the chamber through an inlet pipe connected to the chamber. This configuration reduces the overall capacity of a chamber and must be taken into account in terms of sizing. Sufficient height must be available for level switches and alarms.

Pump station features

storm water pump station installation

Dual pumps

Stormwater pump stations larger than 900 litres come standard with dual pumps, but this is a feature worth considering even with smaller units. If one pump fails, the other pump continues to operate while the first pump is repaired. This is especially important as flooding could occur when the pump station is out of service for a short time.

Access covers

Various types of covers are available for pump stations. Light, heavy, and extra heavy-duty access covers and gratings can be selected depending on the traffic volume and weight passing over the pump station.

Alarms, controls, and remote monitoring

Pump stations larger than 250 litres come standard with control panels and alarms. Smaller units have optional alarm panels. Level switches ensure pumps do not run dry. This protects pumps from damage and breakdown. Remote monitoring options keep supervision aware of the pump station status and enable interventions to be actioned when needed.

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Cleanawater has the experience and engineering expertise to help you select the right stormwater pump station for your application. We offer products and services from site inspection and design to commissioning, maintenance, and servicing. We can also provide you with stormwater pump station price information.

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Mark Maggiore

Sales Manager

You need to match the site conditions with the right stormwater pump station to ensure you get the best solution

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