By Dale Strachan

Business Development Manager

21 March 2023

Odour control is a crucial aspect of many industries, including mining, manufacturing, solid waste management, landfill operations, composting, and recycling. Odours can be a nuisance to workers and the community and can even pose health hazards in some cases. CleanaWater's VapourGard is a revolutionary solution for controlling large, open-area diffuse odour sources.

How Does VapourGard Work?

The VapourGard system releases deodoriser converted to vapour form. The deodoriser vapour moves at the same speeds and in the same direction as odorous vapours. This allows the deodoriser to stay in the air for a much longer time, creating more opportunities for contact and deodorisation. The system uses pipes to transport an air stream filled with vaporised deodoriser along or around the perimeter of any area where deodorisation is desired or required. The vapour is created by a unique system that moves air across a tank of QuikAir® 0900V deodoriser stored within the VapourGard cabinet. The deodoriser is designed specifically to vaporise when subjected to air movement or minor turbulence. Heat is not used, so the composition and functionality of the deodoriser are not compromised.

Advantages of CleanaWater’s Vapour System

The VapourGard system provides several advantages over traditional odour control methods. The deodoriser is delivered in lightweight particles, similar to the weight of the odours, making it more effective at neutralising the odours. No water is needed, which helps to conserve water resources. Maintenance is minimal, and the vaporisation system is relatively quiet, dry, and invisible, making it unobtrusive. Additionally, the deodoriser used in the VapourGard system is safe for the environment, employees and operators and the surrounding residents. 

Industries that Benefit from VapourGard

The VapourGard system is well-suited for industries that often experience odour-related challenges such as mining, manufacturing, solid waste management, landfill operations, composting and recycling. In mining and manufacturing, it can help manage the odours emitted by chemicals and industrial processes. For recycling and landfill operations, it can mitigate the odours produced by decomposing organic matter and waste materials. Similarly, it can also control the odours generated by the composting process in composting facilities.

Why Choose VapourGard system for Odour Control?

The VapourGard system provides an environmentally and safe deodorisation method while conserving water and energy. It is also more effective than traditional odour control methods, delivering deodoriser in lightweight particles that neutralise odours more effectively. It is unobtrusive, quiet, and requires minimal maintenance. If you are looking for an effective, safe, and environmentally friendly odour control solution, the VapourGard system from CleanaWater is an excellent choice.

Contact CleanaWater to Learn More about VapourGard Vapor System

To learn more about VapourGard and how it can help your industry control odours, contact CleanaWater today. CleanaWater is the exclusive provider of the VapourGard system in Australia and has years of experience helping industries effectively control odours.

Dale Strachan

Business Development Manager

Control odours effectively and safely with CleanaWater's VapourGard system. Ideal for industries such as mining, landfill operations, recycling, and more, the VapourGard system uses lightweight particles to neutralise odours, requires minimal maintenance, and conserves water and energy.

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