By Mark Maggiore

Sales Manager

11 April 2023

It is more important than ever that businesses strive to save water. This is especially true for car wash businesses, where water is your main commodity. As inflation rises, businesses are needing to be savvier with their finances. Consumers are also increasingly concerned about sustainability and expect your operations to be environmental. Reducing water usage will save you money on usage charges and energy costs. It will also enhance your reputation in the eyes of your customers. It’s crystal (just like your sparkling vehicles!) clear that taking your environmental footprint into serious account is not just good for the planet but great for business too.

Here are a few ways car wash businesses can help save water.

Use high-pressure, low-flow equipment

Modern car washes use equipment that can deliver high-pressure water streams while using less water than traditional equipment. This helps reduce water waste while still effectively cleaning cars.

Reduce and recycle water

Smart car wash operations now recycle and reuse water as much as possible. This will reduce your overall water consumption. Wastewater should be treated and filtered so that it can be used again in the car wash process.

Installation of water-saving devices

Businesses can install water-saving devices like low-flow nozzles and automatic shut-off valves to reduce the amount of water used during the car wash process.

Proper maintenance of equipment

Regular maintenance of car wash equipment can help ensure that it is functioning efficiently and using water as effectively as possible. We would recommend maintenance every three months or so.

Educating customers

Car wash businesses can also educate their customers on the importance of water conservation and encourage them to use car washes that employ water-saving practices. When marketing your business, emphasize the reasons why your operation is water efficient. You may be surprised at how eco-savvy your current and potential customers are.

By adopting these and other water conservation measures, car wash businesses can reduce their environmental impact and potentially save money on water bills.

Introducing the new CleanaWater Portable Wash Bay

The CleanaWater Portable Wash Bay is an innovation in car wash technology. Our bays can be transported to your site as a plug-and-play system that is ready to go or they can be custom-built to fit your site.

Providing an environmentally-friendly solution, our portable wash bays capture wastewater and treat it through an oil-water separator before being sent to the sewer.

The mobility of the system makes them the best option for sites where ground disturbance is not possible or where there is a possibility of future relocation.

Interested in finding out more about our new Portable Wash Bay? Give CleanaWater a call today on 1800 353 788. We can help you determine what wash bay system would work best for your needs.



Mark Maggiore

Sales Manager

Car wash businesses can save water and money by using high-pressure, low-flow equipment, reducing and recycling water, installing water-saving devices, maintaining equipment, and educating customers. CleanaWater offers a portable wash bay that captures and treats wastewater, making it an environmentally-friendly option for car wash businesses.

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