Industry-specific approaches to odour control

By Dale Strachan

Business Development Manager

20 December 2021

Odour control is a vital responsibility for several industries. Mismanaged or inadequate odour treatment systems can pose significant health and safety hazards. Poor treatment can harm on-site staff, the public and the environment.

Cleanawater provides reliable, high-quality odour control solutions suitable for a range of industries. We also provide ongoing maintenance to keep your products in optimum condition. 

Cleanawater also provides:

  • Industry-specific telemetry and monitoring systems
  • 25 years worth of experience and support
  • Sustainable and comprehensive odour treatment
  • Full accreditation across all national industry standards

In this guide, we will explain our range of odour control products. We will also explore the range of industries Cleanawater can service with our odour treatment systems.

Contact Cleanawater to discuss your needs and determine your ideal odour control solution.

Odour control products

Cleanawater offers a wide range of industry-leading odour control products. Either alone or working in tandem, these products create solutions of unparalleled efficacy. 

We will help you choose the right products with which to create a sustainable long-term strategy.

Chemical dosing systems

Chemical dosing systems introduce odour-combating chemicals into wastewater systems. Our dosing systems are provided by OdourPro, which are the national industry leader in odour management.

Chemical dosing can be conducted at pumps stations, sewer manholes and rising mains. The result is a decrease in odorous chemicals by up to 95%. Dosing also has the added benefit of reducing component corrosion due to the presence of malodorous hydrogen sulphide (H2S).

Dosing systems we offer include:

Carbon filters

Carbon filters reduce noxious odours by up to 99%, by using activated carbon to mitigate volatile organic compounds (VOCs). 

These filters are most commonly used in the processing, manufacturing and sewage industries.

One of our more reliable and cost-effective odour control solutions, carbon filters are found useful in several industries across Australia.

Carbon filter systems we offer include:

  • Passive vent filters: once attached to air valves or pump station vents, passive filters dramatically reduce odours by up to 99.5%
  • Fan assisted filters: these are particularly effective during peak hours, and can be custom built by our engineers

Odour neutralising systems

Misting systems combat diffuse odours across large sites. Active ingredients are diluted and misted over an area, or even over a given surface. We do also offer portable versions of our systems, for temporary and localised odour control.

Atmospheric systems like these are often used in environmentally sensitive industries, such as livestock and animals farms. That’s why we can use diluted, yet effective, active agents.

Odour neutralising systems we offer include:

  • Odour misting systems: airborne odour treatment combats diffuse odours indoors and outdoors
  • Vapour systems: industry-leading technology destroys odorous molecules rather than mask them
  • Surface treatment: safe, non-toxic sprays are ideal for solid waste and containment sites

Industries we service

Every industry has its unique demands. To provide the right odour management solution for our clients, we must have a shared understanding of those demands. 

Below are some of the industries we serve with odour control systems.

Landfills & solid waste management

Landfills and Solid waste management sites are intrinsically malodorous. Vastness is the key challenge here; odours are diffuse and emanate from various sources at various levels of strength. 

EPA compliance is extremely strict around landfills. And, as residential areas encroach on surrounding land, strong odour control is more vital than ever. 

To combat landfill odours, we may recommend an atmospheric misting approach, blanketing the area in odour combating agents.

Municipal wastewater & industrial water treatment and processing

Wastewater management sites contain multiple pools of water at various stages of treatment. Industrial treatment processes routinely result in extraordinary levels of odour emission. With much of this work occurring in the open air, odours can quickly travel to nearby residential areas.

A comprehensive odour control strategy is needed.

Cleanawater uniquely provides odour control technologies that tackle air, water and surface pollution. Whether your site needs carbon, bio or hybrid filters, or even chemical dosing systems, we can provide variable and specific solutions.

Food and dairy processing

Hygiene is of paramount importance in the food and dairy processing industries. Different stages of production and processing result in odours of varying volume and intensity. 

These industries also produce high BOD (biochemical oxygen demand) wastewater. This water needs to be filtered before it joins the local wastewater network.

The solutions we offer for these industries can often be complex and comprehensive, to meet and maintain health and safety standards. Our odour management strategy will often include process-specific filtration treatments, as well as site-wide atmospheric misting.

Meat and livestock

Odour management solutions in the livestock industries require experienced guidance. Solutions must be sensitive to the needs of the live animals. Consideration must also be given to EPA regulations, particularly at site boundaries.

The key here is to choose the right chemical agents and deploy them responsibly. This is where Cleanawater’s extensive experience can benefit our clients and their livestock.


Pungent odours are the natural product of biological breakdown. An inappropriate odour management system may affect the composting process, and therefore lower the quality of the final result.

We might recommend vapour generation as a way to combat the diffuse odours across the composting site. Localised biofiltration units can also be used to deal with malodorous sources directly.

Contact Cleanawater, and let’s work together to create your perfect odour management system.

Dale Strachan

Business Development Manager

Odour control is a vital yet complex service. With over 25 years of experience, trust Cleanawater's industry-leading products and support for your site.

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