A Step-by-Step Guide

By Paul Propadalo

Sales Representative

7 August 2023

CleanaWater's Coalescing Separators are renowned for their efficient separation capabilities and user-friendly maintenance features. Proper maintenance is essential to ensure the system operates at peak performance and remains compliant with water authority regulations. This step-by-step guide will walk you through the routine maintenance tasks required to keep your Coalescing Separator in excellent working condition.

Weekly Maintenance Tasks:

  1. Inspect Silt Traps and Collection Pits: Regularly check the silt traps and collection pits for debris and sediment buildup. Clean them as needed to prevent clogging and ensure proper water flow.
  2. Inspect Oil Separator Lid: Open the oil separator lid and inspect the water flow and the buildup of oils on the surface. Ensure that there are no obstructions or oil accumulations that could hinder the separator's efficiency.
  3. Check Water Levels in Each Stage: If your unit is equipped with two stages, ensure that the water levels are even in both stages. A visible difference in water levels indicates an issue, and an immediate system clean is required. Refer to the Monthly Maintenance procedures for further instructions.
  4. Check Waste Oil Container: Examine the waste oil container for any oil buildup. Dispose of any collected oil in accordance with local regulations.
  5. Inspect Pump Operation: Verify the pump's operation and float activation. Ensure that the pump activates when the water level reaches the trigger point.
  6. Check Gate Valves and Piping: Inspect the condition of gate valves leading to sludge outlets and check the piping for any signs of damage. Address any issues promptly.

Monthly Maintenance Tasks:

  1. Refer to Weekly Tasks: Perform the routine weekly maintenance tasks as outlined above.
  2. Switch Pump Control Panel Off: Before proceeding with further maintenance, turn off the pump control panel to ensure safety.
  3. Drain Water Level: Attach 40mm suction hoses to the gate valves at the base of the unit and open the valves to drain the water level down. You can either dispose of the wastewater using an EPA authorised contractor (CleanaWater can help you with this) or drain it back into the collection pit, if possible.
  4. Remove Separation Media Packs and Grids: Take out the stainless steel/PVC grids and separation media packs from the unit. We recommend having a second set of media packs to minimise any downtime during maintenance.
  5. Rinse Separation Media and Grids: Use a pressure washer to rinse the grids and separation media packs. A light spray is sufficient to achieve the required cleaning.
  6. Clean the Oil Separator: With the pressure washer, clean the interior of the oil separator thoroughly. Make sure all walls are clean and free from any buildup.
  7. Reinstall Separation Media and Grids: After cleaning, re-install the separation media packs and grids securely in their original positions.
  8. Close Sludge Valves: Remove the suction hoses from the sludge valves and close the valves tightly.
  9. Check Sludge Buildup: Inspect the collection pit for any sludge buildup. If necessary, remove the accumulated sludge to maintain system efficiency.
  10. Fill the System with Fresh Water: Refill the system with fresh water to ensure it operates properly.
  11. Switch Pump Control Panel to Auto: Turn the pump control panel back to the "AUTO" setting and inspect the system to ensure it's operational.
  12. Replace Lid: Securely replace the oil separator lid to prevent any unauthorised access or safety hazards.

By following this step-by-step maintenance guide, you can ensure that your Coalescing Separator operates efficiently and complies with water authority regulations. Regular maintenance will also extend the life of your system and reduce downtime, allowing for continuous and uninterrupted wastewater treatment operations.

Are there other options for maintenance?

If you'd prefer to leave the maintenance of your Coalescing Separator in the hands of experts, CleanaWater offers a convenient option with our dedicated service team. By choosing this service, you can have peace of mind knowing that experienced professionals will regularly perform servicing and testing on your separator. The CleanaWater service team is well-trained and equipped to ensure your separator remains water authority compliant and operates at peak efficiency. With servicing available anywhere between the Central Coast to Grafton, our comprehensive testing services guarantee that your wastewater treatment system continues to function efficiently and remains environmentally compliant. By opting for professional servicing, you can focus on your core business while leaving the maintenance and performance optimisation of your Coalescing Separator to the capable hands of CleanaWater's service team.

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Paul Propadalo

Sales Representative

By following this step-by-step maintenance guide, you can ensure that your Coalescing Separator remains water authority compliant and operates at peak efficiency.

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