Meet Paul, Sales Representative

Tall. Dad. Coffee.

When asked to describe himself in three words, these were the very poignant terms chosen by our CleanaWater Sales Representative, Paul. He may be tall, but his use of words is certainly short and sweet!

Newy born and bred, Paul has been with the Cleanawater team for nine months and is so far, really enjoying his role. “I’ve stepped outside my comfort zone,” Paul says. “My favourite part of the job is talking to customers and problem-solving.”

Paul has definitely fit straight in, his dry sense of humour and special way with words well received in our tight-knit team. In fact, we enjoyed our chat with our caffeine-guzzling sales rep so much, here it is, word-for-word…

Describe the team in one word. Dysfunctional (just joking!), let me think…… ummmm TEAM.

When you’re not at work, where could we find you? In the garage working on projects. And planning for future car builds. 

Tell us something that we might not know about you? I’m tall and I may like coffee. MASH fan. Blues and Jazz enthusiast. I love Pink Floyd. 

Where were you born? Where are you based now? In a hospital. Novocastrian. Still haven’t moved away from the area. It’s Home.

Who is someone that you admire? My Dad.

What other hidden skills and talents do you have? None really (editors’ note - modesty, we’re sure!)

What 3 words best describe you? Tall, dad, coffee.

What is your personal motto/fav quote? Manners and respect.

Thanks for the insight, Paul!

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