By Dale Strachan

Business Development Manager

6 February 2023

With the increasing demand for effective and low-maintenance odour control solutions, CleanaWater is proud to bring the latest in odour abatement technology to Australia with its VapourGard range.

This innovative product destroys odour particles at their source, providing long-lasting and effective control of unwanted odours. With its cutting-edge technology and reliable results, VapourGard is the choice for anyone seeking to control unwanted odours and improve air quality.

Eliminate Odour Particles, Don’t Just Mask Them

VapourGard utilises the latest in odour-neutralising technology and is more effective than fragrance and neutralising oils. This is because its active deodorisation technology destroys odour particles, rather than just masking them. The vapours stay airborne for longer, allowing for more effective odour treatment.

Low Maintenance Solution

One of the major advantages of VapourGard is its low-maintenance nature. Unlike traditional misting systems that require a water supply, VapourGard does not have any nozzles to become blocked, making it ideal for large open areas and production facilities. The active ingredients in VapourGard get to the very cause of odours, eliminating the particles, and making it a low-maintenance solution for all odour control needs.

Effective Indoors and Outdoors

VapourGard is not only effective indoors, but also outside. This makes it the perfect solution for large indoor and outdoor applications, especially effective on-site boundaries. Its versatility helps you manage any site demands, while also aiding compliance with workplace health and safety (WHS) and environmental regulations. Say goodbye to odour complaints with VapourGard.

CleanaWater's VapourGard is the ultimate solution for odour abatement technology. Its active deodorisation technology destroys odour particles, making it more effective than traditional fragrance and neutralising oils. With its low maintenance nature, versatility, and effectiveness both indoors and outdoors, VapourGard is the perfect choice for anyone seeking to control unwanted odours.

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Dale Strachan

Business Development Manager

No matter what industry you’re in, chances are you need odour control. VapourGard can help you eliminate odour complaints in a safe, cost-effective, and versatile way.

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