Portable wash bays solve space constraints

Cleanawater on 11 November 2019

Many workshops and other businesses requiring wash down of vehicles and equipment face the challenge of space constraints. This is especially true when a business is in a growth phase where all available space must be dedicated to productive work. 

Construction sites also go through phases of large-scale activity and high levels of equipment on site. Finding space for a wash bay is critical but not easy. 

Portable wash bays are an ideal solution for overcoming this challenge.

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Advantages for relocation 

Wash bays for workshops

Many workshops and businesses occupy rented premises. This has the benefit of allowing them to move to bigger premises as they grow. On the other hand, renting discourages major capital investment like the construction of a permanent wash bay.

Growing businesses also have to regularly rearrange their workspace to accommodate extra equipment and vehicles. It is not practical to build new wash bay structures each time this happens.

Portable wash bays can easily be disassembled and relocated on the same premises or at new premises. The investment in a portable wash bay is not lost whenever the site is rearranged, or new premises are found.

Cleanawater also supplies pumping stations for wash bays located a long distance from the nearest sewer. This adds to the flexibility of portable wash bays allowing them to be located anywhere on the site. 

Advantages of wastewater management

Wash bay wastewater management is an important compliance issue. Local water authorities regulate the limits for contaminants like oil content and monitor the water discharged into the sewer network. Wastewater generators must apply for a trade waste permit to discharge water into the sewer.

For compliance reasons, wash bay wastewater must be contained and treated before discharging. This includes:

  • Interceptor pits to capture solids
  • Oil water separators to remove hydrocarbons
  • Possible pH treatment depending on the application

While it could be tempting to construct a makeshift temporary wash bay on site, compliance requirements may be missed. For example, wash bays must be bunded to prevent wastewater escaping to a storm water sewer. Unroofed wash bays should allow rainwater to be diverted to the storm water after a first flush of the wash bay floor. This prevents downstream wastewater processing solutions from being overloaded by clean water. 

Off the shelf or customised solutions

Cleanawater offers some standard off the shelf portable wash bay solutions. These units are designed to cover the most common wash bay needs.

However, we also offer customised solutions. Where your space constraints offer unique challenges, Cleanawater has the expertise to develop a customised solution. This could include specific capacity requirements, connectivity to downstream wastewater processing or any other site conditions.

We take the approach of first understanding the problem and then developing the solution that fits the need.

Service and Maintenance Contracts

Wash bay solutions

Running a workshop has enough challenges without adding the burden of maintaining a wash bay and wastewater treatment solution. This is why Cleanawater offers service and maintenance contracts.

Our technicians perform regular inspections and routine maintenance activities. This helps keep your system running smoothly and your wastewater compliant.

We also have the expertise to identify problems early and plan more extensive maintenance repairs. Taking these proactive steps can avoid costly downtime and major expense.

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Cleanawater also provides maintenance and servicing contracts thus ensuring your system continues to perform year after year.

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