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Weir Skimmers

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Benefits of CleanaWater weir skimmers

  • Reduces deployment time
  • Saves costly and time-consuming clean-ups
  • Versatile
  • Efficient

Save time and money

CleanaWater's weir skimmers benefit from a light construction and self-adjusting technology. Compared with competitors' heavy skimmers, they are far easier to transport and deploy. Once in the water, they are quicker and more agile. That saves crucial time during the early stages of an oil spill.

High recovery rates

We offer weir skimmers capable of recovering 30,000 to 300,000 litres per hour. And those numbers are proven by independent tests. So we can provide the ideal size skimmer for any spill.

Our end-to-end support ensures you'll get outstanding results from your recovery effort.

Versatile and efficient

CleanaWater weir skimmers' shallow draft and lightweight construction make them ideal for near-shore and inland operations. A high buoyancy-to-weight ratio also means they're versatile enough to operate effectively in open water.

Fold-down design with disconnecting arms makes transport and storage easy – especially for the smaller models; at just 98kg, SeaSkater can be easily carried manually.

Product models

  • Ocean Skater
  • Sea Skater
  • Circus River Skimmer
  • NorMar Mini Weir Skimmer

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Why choose Cleanawater?

Cleanawater leads the Australian market in water treatment system design, manufacture, installation and servicing.

As your one-stop water treatment provider, we're committed to supplying the right solution for your business. Our award-winning products are engineered for performance, economy and ease of use. That includes both custom-built and off-the-shelf units approved by all major water authorities.

Our comprehensive after-sales service includes support from experts in your area. So you can always speak to somebody who understands your local market.

We distribute across Australia with fast, efficient delivery for off-the-shelf systems. And we'll install, service and maintain your equipment on a schedule that suits you – ensuring minimal downtime.

It means superior results and outstanding value for your investment.

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