Major flooding events can cause major odour issues for those involved in the clean-up.

By Dale Strachan

Business Development Manager

14 March 2022

Surface odour control can be used to minimise and naturalise odours after major flooding events

After a flood comes through a town, there is a smell left behind that has elements of rotting food, decay, and mud. Clean-up operations post major flooding events can be a difficult process and the rotting or decomposing matter left behind can cause major odour issues for residents and volunteers who are involved in the clean-up operation.

CleanaWater can supply these flood-affected areas with a solution that will not only provide instant odour relief after the first application but also provide lasting benefits by utilising natural bio-stimulants to promote facultative bacteria to the decomposing matter, which deactivates the odour producing compounds and improves the bioactivity of the odour producing debris.

CleanaWater’s Bektra 830F provides a convenient solution to manage surfaces where noxious odours are generated. It is applied with a foaming applicator to visibly coat problem surfaces. The penetrating foam soaks into the muddy debris and other problem surfaces, allowing the micronutrients to direct the microbiology of the decomposing organic matter.

Bektra 830F is a penetrating foam odour neutralising concentrate that cleans and prevents offensive odours in one easy step. It contains powerful detergents, to break up heavy soils and grease, natural bio-stimulants to deactivate odour producing mechanisms and non-aldehyde odour elimination technology that has been optimized for reducing amines, terpenes and thiols. The concentrated formula is ideal for treating large surface areas that are heavily soiled with organics.

This product attacks odour in three ways. The foaming application visibly blankets the surface ensuring even distribution, the Bektra 830F micronutrient blend manages the odour-producing biological processes at their source, and a powerful contact deodoriser provides immediate odour relief for long term treatment.

Bektra 830F is a micronutrient formulation that employs a natural non-toxic and biodegradable blend of amino acids, essential oils, vitamins, minerals, purines, pyrimidines, and complex organic extracts that aid in organic decomposition without producing odorous byproducts. It is completely safe to handle and use, and employs no enzymes, bacteria or hazardous chemicals, making it safe to use in clean-up efforts. 

Additional information

Surface treatments neutralise odours by reducing chemical oxygen demand (COD) levels and biochemical oxygen demand (BOD5). They provide an effective solution for managing both hydrogen sulphide (H₂S) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

They stop the production of noxious by-products caused by organic waste breakdown, thereby tackling odours at their source.

As with all odour management products supplied by CleanaWater, they are backed by our Workplace Health and Safety (WHS), Quality, and Environmental Management Systems accreditations.

"Surface treatments provide a non-toxic and biodegradable method of neutralising odours."

Thinking surface odour control? Think Cleanawater.

At CleanaWater, we have over 25 years of experience in the control of odours. Over that time we've helped countless businesses, organisations and operations to manage their odour output.

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Dale Strachan

Business Development Manager

Here's how surface odour control and odour neutralisers are used to minimise and naturalise odours after major flooding events.

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