An interview with Dale Strachan

We sat down with Dale, our Odour Control Expert to discuss CleanaWater’s revolutionary vapour system – VapourGard. Dale and the CleanaWater team will be attending the 2023 Coffs Waste Conference May 9 - 11.  Here’s what he had to say.

Hi Dale, can you tell us a bit about CleanaWater and your role as a Business Development Manager in the Odour Control Department?

CleanaWater is a company that specialises in odour control and wastewater management. We provide a range of technologies to our clients to help them reduce and control odorous emissions from various waste operations and industrial processes. My role is to work with our clients to understand their specific needs and requirements and recommend the best solution to help them achieve their goals.

Can you tell us more about VapourGard and how it works?

Sure! VapourGard is a revolutionary technology designed to effectively treat and reduce offensive odorous emissions from various waste operations and industrial processes where extraction and treatment is not an option. The secret to VapourGard is its ground-breaking vaporising odour-neutralising chemical, QuikAir 0900 V, to which we have exclusive rights to in Australia.

The VapourGard units are available in two sizes, the VG150, which is suitable for smaller applications, such as indoor facilities or to target specific more centralised areas of concern, and the VG500, which provides up to 500m of coverage with each system.

Each system is designed with an appropriately sized fan or blower which creates internal agitation to the chemical causing it to vaporise. It is then forced through a run of strategically placed diffuser pipe which contains small penetrations to release the vaporised chemical into the atmosphere. These are usually placed between the odour source and the areas that contain either complainants or staff, giving the vapour the best opportunity to make contact with the offensive odours, breaking them down and turning them into non-volatile compounds.

Why is VapourGard a more conclusive, economical, and maintenance-friendly option compared to traditional misting systems or daily covers such as contact deodorisers or relocatable hardcovers? 

Traditional misting and fogging systems are acceptable if odorous gases can be passed through the mist or fog, and if the added water is not a problem for personnel and equipment. However, it must always be remembered that a water-based particle of even 5 microns, which is about the smallest particle size available in these systems, will never move as fast or as far as even the largest gas particle.

VapourGard is a more conclusive, economical, and maintenance-friendly option compared to traditional methods because it uses a vaporising, odour-neutralising chemical, which is designed to function in the same phase as the odours, which is in the gaseous or vapour phase. This means that it can effectively treat odorous emissions even in large-scale outdoor operations, without the need for water or adding to the moisture levels. VapourGard is also much easier to maintain, with nozzles becoming blocked being a common issue with traditional misting systems.

What types of waste operations and industrial processes can benefit from VapourGard?

VapourGard is suitable for a wide range of waste operations and industrial processes, including landfill sites, composting facilities, wastewater treatment plants, and food processing facilities. Basically, any operation or process that generates offensive odorous emissions can benefit from VapourGard.

How has VapourGard been received in the Australian market?

VapourGard has been rapidly gaining popularity in Australia and is being used by some of Australia's largest waste and processing facilities. Many organisations have converted from traditional misting and fogging systems to the economical and maintenance-friendly VapourGard technology.

Thank you for your time, Dale, and for explaining to us more about VapourGard and how it can help control odorous emissions.

You're welcome, happy to help. If you want to know more about VapourGard technology I’ll be presenting at the Equipment & Technology Expo at the 2023 Coffs Waste Conference at 4:30pm on Tuesday, May 9th in the Superfy Marquee, or you can drop by our booth at the Waste 2023 expo, booth 13.

CleanaWater is the leader in wastewater and odour management. We provide wastewater systems and odour control treatment Australia-wide. Want to chat? Call us on 1800 353 788