By Dale Strachan

Business Development Manager

11 July 2022

Every individual, residence, commercial space and industrial site creates waste in some form or another. That waste is a hazard to populated areas and the surrounding environment, either through chemical corrosion or, more likely, odour diffusion. Industries that work directly with liquid and gaseous waste products will also be aware of the havoc airborne corrosives can wreak on structures and equipment.

Chemical dosing aims to reduce wastewater's corrosive and odorous properties through chemical treatment.

By treating waste while it is still in liquid form, we can neutralise odours and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) before they aerate and diffuse into the surrounding environment.

CleanaWater’s automatic chemical dosing systems perfect the process. Our systems monitor your waste’s chemical levels in real-time and immediately administer odour neutralising and pH balancing treatments.

How do chemical dosing systems work?

CleanaWater’s chemical dosing systems monitor the pH balance of your wastewater and its levels of VOCs and odorous chemicals. Our systems then apply an effective dose of an appropriate chemical reagent.

CleanaWater can retrofit our chemical dosing systems to practically any wastewater management system. That adaptability makes our systems an effective and efficient solution for any industry needing odour control and pH balancing treatment.

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The benefits of chemical dosing

Automating dosing systems gives businesses and municipalities the peace of mind that their waste is being effectively and thoroughly neutralised. Proper chemical treatment of wastewater protects people, structures, equipment and machinery, as well as local flora and fauna.

Benefits of chemical dosing include:

  • 95% reduction in levels of hydrogen sulphide (H2S). H2S can cause debilitating injuries to site staff, civilians and animals. It is also highly corrosive and damages the integrity of surrounding structures.
  • 90-100% odour elimination makes work sites significantly more pleasant and prevents the spread of malodorous gasses to nearby population centres.
  • Every CleanaWater chemical dosing system meets or exceeds Australian environmental authorities' standards. Your business will remain compliant and productive.

Chemical dosing for odour control

Practically all wastewater emits foul odours. If not immediately, then certainly within time once malodorous chemical reactions have had time to catalyse.

By introducing odour-preventing reactants either at the point of the wastewater’s creation, in the place it is stored, or during its transit from the former to the latter, we can prevent these odours from affecting your work environment or any nearby residential areas.

VapourGard system

Chemical dosing for controlling chemical levels

CleanaWater’s automatic chemical dosing systems can be used to monitor chemical levels in wastewater. The dosing pumps will then adjust to bring the pH level within regulatory guidelines, preventing breaches that might incur fines.

Our systems use real-time SMS notifications to remove the guess work in waste monitoring. It’s the perfect hassle-free solution.

Disinfecting water systems

Disinfecting water systems is a delicate and vital process. Industries that require such solutions typically intend for their water to end up back in nature or reused in some capacity. Creating crystal clean water may not always be possible, but creating environmentally safe water is.

We can create custom solutions for dosing sanitiser into portable water and storage tanks. Our customised water dosing systems can also keep a running log of assays so you can monitor and correct pH and chlorine levels over time.

Managing waste pH levels

Monitoring the pH levels of wastewater is a regulatory requirement for all Australian industries. Failing to keep within standards can incur heavy fines and endanger the environment and the human population that relies on it.

CleanaWater’s dosing systems can be set to match your industry’s pH guidelines, keeping you within regulations at all times.

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Chemical dosing reactants

Reactants are chemicals that cause specific chemical reactions. In this context, we offer reactants that excel at several functions, such as odour neutralisation, corrosion control or heavy metal elimination.

Our experts will discuss which reactants best suit your needs once we have assayed your site and wastewater systems.

Ferrous chloride

Ferrous chloride is exceptionally effective at neutralising sulphides. As hydrogen sulphide is a common byproduct of wastewater, ferrous chloride dosing is quite a popular treatment.

At CleanaWater, we have developed a proprietary formula, Ferrogard®, that offers up to 95% reduction H2S, drastically reducing odour and corrosion issues.

Magnesium hydroxide

Magnesium hydroxide is particularly adept at precipitating heavy metals and neutralising acids. We have created a proprietary product, Magnagard™, that has a superior ability to remove heavy metals and neutralise industrial sludge, making it safe for landfill disposal.

Magnesium hydroxide also boasts the ability to reduce odours by up to 80%.

Calcium nitrate

Calcium nitrate dosing is a reliable long-term solution for odour control. Introduced at the source of the wastewater, calcium nitrate inhibits hydrogen sulphide and prevents toxic gases from forming.

By treating the wastewater early, calcium nitrate dosing reduces odours and saves on the ongoing maintenance costs incurred by year-round corrosion.

Micronutrient additives

Micronutrient additives foster the growth of necessary bacteria in wastewater. These bacteria catalyse the breakdown of organic compounds in wastewater, preventing the formation of foul odours.

As a non-toxic and biodegradable treatment, micronutrient additives are an excellent solution for industries where waste is kept in proximity to the natural environment.

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Choose CleanaWater for the best chemical dosing systems

With over 25 years of experience in water management, CleanaWater has come to understand the intricacies of every industry. Our solutions have earned us the trust of municipalities across Australia. We’ve also worked with major clients such as Boeing and the Australian Department of Defence.

CleanaWater can provide highly effective, fully automated, customisable chemical dosing systems for any industry. We offer bespoke chemical dosing solutions for industries as varied as:

  • Farming
  • Agriculture
  • Mining
  • Construction
  • Food processing

Neutralise foul odours and balance pH levels in your wastewater with Australia’s leading automatic chemical dosing systems. Trust CleanaWater to carefully assay your waste and offer cost-effective and reliable long-term water treatment solutions.

Dale Strachan

Business Development Manager

Learn how chemical dosing can neutralise foul odours and pH levels in your wastewater.

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